Monday, June 28, 2010


It has been such a long time since I did any triple embossing so I thought I would try some out again. I found some thick card shapes to use that would fit on an ATC. I triple embossed this one with 2 layers of clear UTEE and 1 layer of gold. I used versamark to make the first layer fix and then the molten powder for the other layers to adhere the powder. Immediately after melting the gold layer I stamped with a rubber stamp and voila! I mounted the piece with contrasting ribbon onto an ATC stamped with the same image. I moved on to create some more items with triple embossing. The round and oval pieces are decoupaged images then embossed with interference blue and clear respectively. The interference blue gives a nice misty look to the piece. The buckle was embossed with 2 layers of clear and 1 layer of gold UTEE and stamped. A final coat of clear gives it a shine.

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