Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ribbon Hanger for Art 'n' Soul Group

This month's challenge is to make a Ribbon Hanger/Ribbon Tag. This is 3.5" square and the hole in the middle at the top fits a wire coat hanger. Heavy card in the middle covered with white cardstock on both sides then I glued a single ply napkin with roses on it onto the front and back. Such a pretty napkin (thanks TJ Maxx). Corners reinforced with small eyelets and larger one placed in the middle for wire hanger to pass through. Front stamped and gold embossed, "Rose" letters cut with cricut and gold leafed with pen. I tried very hard to cut through all those layers neatly but it was impossible so it has a very handmade look LOL, hope whoever gets it doesn't mind. Finally I gave a couple of coats of decoupage finish to the back and front to help protect the delicate napkin paper. I don't have much in the way of ribbon so I will have to find some more unique pieces to add before the end of the month.

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