Monday, October 21, 2013

L is for Lace/Lacing (and more catch-ups)

L is for Lace/Lacing

I love using lace and this was a fine opportunity to go wild.  The tag on the left (you may have seen this before) has a photograph of a misty scene through the window with net curtains.  Lace edging for the pages and two line of lace in the center laced together with crinkle ribbon to reflect the ribboned lace on the undergarment of the lady on the far right.  Die cut swirls and leaves, paper flowers and paper lace finish it off.   Join in the challenge over at 
The Craft Barn HERE

O is for Op Art

I promise you the right hand page is perfectly flat.  Op Art, also known as optical art, was a 1960's style of visual art that made use of optical illusions, contrast and a precise, mathematically-based composition to trick the eye.

D is for Delft

I cut some thick card into a square and painted it with gesso then drew the corner patterns and circles in watercolour pencil.  I tried to coat the tile with a thin layer of wax but that didn't work too well so I stamped the ship in the center and coloured it with ship blue alcohol ink.  Some of the wax remains and gives it an old look.  White gesso pages of the dictionary are painted with an some old Delft patterns and I copied a makers mark from the bottom of an old Delft plate.

Thank you as always for looking and for your encouraging comments, I love looking at everyone's work and am constantly inspired by you all to try new techniques and projects.