Thursday, August 20, 2009

Post it Cover

Time for me to start thinking about gifts for Christmas, going to try to make a few this year. This was an experiment, to make a post it pad cover. I am really quite pleased with the results. Wish the pad had been pink though. Made a cover out of cardstock sandwiched between fabric paper and felt. The fabric paper was brought over the sides and stitched with gold thread to hold it all together. The heart is one of my tissue paper molds covered in gold leaf and the sequins are part of an earing from a garage sale. I used some specialty ribbon that I picked up in a sale at Michaels(I think it is organza)to secure the post it pad inside and to wrap around the outside to hold it closed. The post it pad kept on coming off inside so I glued a strip of this organza ribbon along the spine of the pad and underneath the back, this seemed to hold it together. I then glued another smaller ribbon along the spine to hide the 6000 glue that showed through. I tried to stamp on the back cover with glue and cover with gold leaf but it didn't work so I just worked the leaf into the glue that was there. Finally a small loop of fabric paper was glued at the open edge to hold a pen/pencil. I will have to look for a small pretty one to go in there. The purple one was made in the same way but with a silver embossed tissue casting flower in the centre, white ribbon attached to fasten the booklet and I finally added a border of ribbon diamonds LOL. I hope whoever gets them will like them and find them useful. The colours are much brighter on the pink one than it shows in the photographs.

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