Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Autumnal Notelets Wallet and Needle Books

The notelet wallet has been made as a gift for a friend. Inside are 4 notelets made with paper castings of fruit (see July for method) and 4 small matching cream envelopes. The cover is made from a napkin fabric paper lined with orange felt. The edge of the wallet is trimmed with maroon ribbon on the outside(to match the pomegranite on the front) the stitching and also serves to securely fasten the side pockets on the inside. The fastening is a pair of elastic cuff links that lock over each other. Finally all the fruit on the outside was embossed with a clear sepia liquid to make them stand out.

Using the same method I have made two Needle Books for relatives and put in self threading needles (a must have old eyes) some decorative pins and a needle pusher to save fingers when sewing thick material.

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