Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Paper Casting

So many people have asked me about this method I decided to put some blurb here about what I did. Paper casting is so easy and the results are great. I use bathroom tissue (clean of course LOL) and water with a little school glue in it to help bind. I first used some popsicle molds I got from a garage sale to do the fruit ones, and the heart (see below)is done with a soap mold. Just put a single sheet of tissue into the mold and wet it with the glue mixture and pushed it into the detail of the mold with a paint brush. I then did the same with about 5 or 6 layers of tissue, until I got the thickness I wanted. I then left them UNTOUCHED over night to dry out thoroughly. The fruits were decorated with gold acrylic paint and mica powders and the heart I decorated with gold leaf. The castings are a perfect size for the ATC. Yay for popsicle molds!

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