Monday, August 27, 2012

Flooding around the house

Woke up this morning after a very stormy night to find the road completely flooded.  No matter, wasn't going anywhere today, good day for crafting.  Eight hours later the front garden looks like this..............

Can't even walk to the road now the pond in the front has now become the complete front garden, I have tadpoles swimming down my drive LOL.

The back garden is not much better, the poor shed that is raised two feet off the ground is now just about to float away.  My newly planted vegetable garden is a complete wash out.

The storms have continued to run up the east coast of Florida all day and now we seem to be getting a bit of a respite from the worst rain, just light now.  The county says that they have all the canal pumps running at full tilt pumping water away but so far the waters are not going down any.  Hope tonight is not another stormy nail biting ride.

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