Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Altered Book Lesson 13 - Windows and doors

This lesson talked about creating windows and doors in the book.  I chose two images from a magazine of  gingerbread houses as they had lots of windows and a couple of doors.  Sadly the images were on two separate pages in the magazine and so I had to piece them together to make one house.  Then of course had to find 10 images small enough to put behind the openings.  In a Christmas decorating book I found some tiny images of Christmas greenery that fitted perfectly an each one has its name in type as well.  It also reflect the way we decorate the inside of our houses at this time of the year.  I used 4 pages of my book, one and four to mount the greenery images and two an three to stick the house on an cut out the windows and doors.  I backed all the cut out windows with pieces of transparency to represent glass in the windows.  Two tiny gold brads for handles on the doors and voila!  I really enjoyed making this spread as it was a challenge to fit the pieces together and to find images.

Off to buy a zipper!!!


BJ said...

It's beautiful and looks so 3D. I really need to think about my doors and windows - not done any yet...........BJ

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I swear I've looked long and hard, even enlarged the photo, and I cannot tell where you had to piece the house together. You did a fantastic job.

Talk about overachiever! Ten windows? You definitely deserve the prize (if there WAS one) for windows. And I think yours is the only functional door I've seen so far.

It just occurred to me that windows aren't due till Sunday when I post Lesson 15, so please post this lesson again because I would LOVE for everyone to see this fantastic spread.

Milliscent Morgan said...

To be honest I really love this page because as you read this it will give you nice information like the postpage of windows and doors gta, so keep on posting!