Friday, August 3, 2012

Altered Book Lesson 10 - Frames

For this spread I stenciled a swirl pattern onto a page that had been removed from the book using Lumiere paints and crayoned over with green and blue wax crayons.  There was a central eye to the stencil so I cut this out to make my frame and stuck a magazine photograph of a piece of Christmas cake behind.  The swirls lead you through the page to this focus.  Of course it is a pun on the word Peace.

For my second layout I chose two window frames from a magazine and cut them out, I also cut out the middle of the windows to leave an open oblong.  I chose two pictures of Christmas trees from a magazine and framed them with the windows.  I painted in the white wooden mullions to give depth to the trees behind.  I painted the background of the pages with coral H2O and penciled in the clapboards.

Got carried away with the frames, did another one torn strips of text stuck onto the page, text covered with the sticky part of a post-it note, iced the whole page with gesso and added sprinkles.  Remove the tape and voila!  A gesso frame around the text.

One last thing

This is what I did with one the melted plastic bag background spread.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

These are just stunning pages. All the work you put into them certainly paid off! Love the piece of cake pun!

BJ said...

Love the window, I needed some inspiration for this lesson. Are your pictures through the windows on seperate pages behind or not? Oh silly me this lesson is Frames not windows - oops!

I have since done all the ATCs in my school pockets just haven't posted a piccy as yet. Used magazine pictures including quite a few from my hubby's Electrical Engineering mag!!! Maths, Science and even RS! I used an old map for geography - oh heck I ought to post a page really........Thanks for your comments. BJ