Sunday, April 29, 2012

Altered Book Design Principles - Lesson 5

Sorry I have tried to get the picture to rotate back to the left but it refused to do so.

This lesson focused on five Design Principles: harmony, unity, balance, proportion, and emphasis. These pages consist of 4 red cardstock handmade poinsettias of two sizes. Each flower is made by cutting individual petals of increasing size and sticking them together in layers, five leaves to a layer. Yellow and green beads represent the stamens in the middle. Each of the petals is distressed by running over a bone folder to break up the fibers and allow it to curl, then inked along the edges with eggplant ink. When finished each flower is rubbed lightly with red and gold stickles. Each flower is mounted on layers of black paper with stars and the same red cardstock of the flowers.

In my layout I have tried to show the focus of the lesson as follows:

Harmony: I have chosen one variety of flower to be displayed to create a theme on both pages. The 5 petals of each layer are reflected in the 5 points of the stars. I have used the same colours, red, gold and black in the mounted flowers and the backgrounds.

Unity: Again the use of the same colors elements helps to give this layout a feeling of belonging together, as with the same type of presentation of each individual flower by layering on exactly the same mounts.

Balance: This is an asymmetrical layout and I have balanced the heavy weight of the left-hand page with the 3 smaller units on the right-hand page so that they are similar in visual importance but not mirrored.

Emphasis: Each page is dominant in itself, the left-hand page for the size of the flower and background mount. The right-hand page is given its own dominance by stringing a line of the smaller elements together in a vertical line that is longer on the page but narrower than the large flower. I have tried to lead the eye around the two pages by placing the dominant flower away from the line of three. I still feel that the focal point of the layout is the large flower purely because of its size.

Proportion: The three mounted flowers on the right-hand page, though slightly different from each other because they are handmade, have the same size and weight as each other. But they are much smaller than the major flower on the other page.

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sandee said...

The poinsettias are beautiful, you did a fabulous job on them, also on explaining how you thought the design principles out! Great job, plus you got all caught up in time for the next lesson, wtg!! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)....joined your blog too!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Don't know how I managed to miss your blog before, but I looked at all the AB posts now! You've done a beautiful job with the poinsettia flowers and the wonderful backgrounds. I appreciate your kind comments on my AB and the crystal sun catcher, too!

BJ said...

Hi Paula, Lovely pages, the flowers are super. Didn't see your blog linked to Elizabeth's page did you forget perchance? BJ

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Glad to see I'm not the ONLY person who missed your beautiful pages and homework. I've read that others have trouble with their photos not rotating properly, but of all the problems I have with Blogger, that doesn't seem to be one of them.

Your double page spread is not just unique, it is stunning. I so appreciate that you identified all those principles. Very, very impressive. Now that you are caught up, I hope you will post your links so we can all enjoy your pages. And thank you again for joining this. It's hard to believe you had to play "catch-up."

Jacqueline said...

Oh my word!! Your Altered Book is simply stunning!! I plan on doing another one as a present for someone but I'm just enjoying playing with all the principles and just basicallly learning how to do one! I'm having loads of fun with this project! :D

Thanks for sharing your beautiful work! And thanks for visiting my blog :D

Take care

Jackie x

Sherry said...

Oh Paula, I'm super impressed! Your pages are beautiful and you've dealt with all the designed principles perfectly!! How many gold stars did you get for that - lol xx