Monday, April 23, 2012

Altered Book - Lesson 3

I have decided to make my book a Book of Christmas, the course should be finished in time and it will make a nice coffee table decoration. I have plenty of Christmassy supplies to illustrate each of the techniques.

Lesson 3
Prepping the outside cover of your book
Prepping the inside end pages
Creating a niche

Elizabeth suggests that you stick the pages for the niche together before adding any embellishment the top picture shows the pegs inside the niche to hold it while glueing. I left it to dry overnight then I painted the out side of the book cover with gesso and reinforced the inside with tyvek that was also painted with gesso before applying. I also chose to use tyvek for bewtween the first page and the second as I had some pieces left over from the cover. For the niche at the back I covered the inside back page with some dark blue sparkle paper and mounted my silver reindeer, I stuck the niche down after first sticking some star paper over the edges of the hole. I put some crystals inside to make a shaker, covered the opening with a sheet of transparency paper then stuck the previous page from the book on top and covered that and the previous page with blue star paper. All ready to decorate.


Sherry Edwards said...

Hello Paula, thanks for your comment on my book. So glad you're taking part too. I bet no-one else is doing a Christmassy theme - great idea, especially as it'll be a coffee table book. Look forward to seeing it as it develops xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This is impressive. I made a Christmas AB once year and included tip-ins I received as gifts. I suspect you will be able to use some of the pockets we will make to keep a few special Christmas cards or flat ornaments you receive. I love the theme, too. Of course, that niche is wonderful, especially because I like how non-traditional the niche covering is, yet how Christmas-y it really looks! Keep those ideas coming. I'm loving this book already!

BJ said...

A book of Christmas - how wonderful. Mine sort of started like that as I am doing seasons and Winter is at the back and in my niche too. Love your reindeer. BJ