Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A new year, a new challenge

Welcome to 2012 and a happy new year to everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and that you don't feel too guilty after all the overindulgence. I have decided that now is the time to loose some of the pounds I have gained since giving up smoking in 2001. I have 40lbs to go so to keep me on track I am going to put in a daily record here. For the record I weight 190.7 lbs eeek!!!!

Now for another challenge, Carte a Jouer. For the moment we are on a free choice of technique and subject so I thought I would make a couple of cards with texture in gesso. I covered a card with gesso and scraped a small area to show the nine of spades underneath. The love symbol was stenciled with gesso on top to give a raised effect. As it dried it cracked. I rubbed pinked metallic rub-on on the symbol and mauve around it and edged the card with gold. I stencilled the word love with gold metallic rub-on. I sprayed the card with a clear sealant to prevent colours from coming off.

For the owl card I again covered a card with gesso then stencilled a branch and leaves on top. I used distress ink to highlight this and where the gesso had cracked the ink remained darker. I edged the card with the distress ink too and then pulled the ink in towards the branches with a water filled pen. I stamped the owl with the distress ink and again pulled the ink with water pen. I then embossed it clear powder. The green jewels were added to the leaves to give them emphasis.


lettrebleue said...

Superbe, j'adore le travail du fond et des matières,
ma préférée c'est la chouette !

Sôso said...

hello, super tes deux cartes, le hibou est tres joli, on dirait qu'il est sous la neige :) bonne année 2012 ! Sôso from france

coKo said...

Hello Paula, first, a Happy New Year for you and yours ! Then I wish you Good Luck by trying to loose all these overweight : as you, I am a member of this club !
And finally, I can't say which card I prefeer. Both are interesting and I appreciate really your explanations about the techniques you used.
A bientôt. coKo