Saturday, June 1, 2013

Garden Art Butterfly, Butterfly Feeder, Butterfly House, Dragonfly, Abstract Garden Art and Potting Benches- Welded Metal and Woodwork

As you can see below my partner has been very busy welding some garden art from scrap metal while I have been recovering.  I love his creativity by up-cycling old pieces of metal to create something for my garden.  

A butterfly for the new butterfly garden, my flowers need to grow up a bit but give them time.

A butterfly feeder made out of a chips and dip tray and a sauce holder and mesh scourers.

A dragon fly to accompany it

This is what my daughter calls Road Runner

A fish jumping after a dragonfly

A trellis for our Monkey Brush Vine

Butterfly House

Finally, potting benches for my orchid shade house, notice the new trellises at the end for my Passionflower incense (smells wonderful) and Thunbergia mysorensis Acanthaceae.  

I am so lucky to have such a wonderfully gifted and practical man.

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