Friday, October 19, 2012

Vegetable Garden Update - October

Probably not of much interest to most folks but I am trying to keep a record of how my garden grew for future years.  This should help with making adjustments for timing, germination rates, varieties and quantity harvested.  The two plots 5' x 5' pots of corn are doing well now.  Bilicious  germinated better than the white to start off with but now the white is catching up.  Tomatoes are beginning to do well.  The beefsteaks look good, the cherry yellow pear were slow to germinate but now doing well.   Very slow germinating is Brandywine.  Herbs beginning to show,thyme is being very difficult.  Peppers have stayed about the same size now for over a month.  Not sure why but I remain hopeful.  Starting to harvest the Cherrybelle radishes, nice peppery hot taste.  Bought some onion sets yesterday and planted them along the front of the flowered edge.  Black beauty eggplant and brocolli rabe are now beginning to grow rapidly, kohl rabi is slower.  

Not sure that I will grow the English scarlet runner beans again as they seem to be struggling,  I will wait to make a final call on that when I see the size of the crop.  Probably the heat down here.  Sowed some peas in between the beans. The cucumbers and squash have lots of flowers now and are beginning to climb up the trellis.  No flowers on the zucchini yet but growing vigorously.  Carrot and onion seeds have germinated fairly well, a bit difficult to tell what is onion and what is grass growing.  Daily weeding between the rows is necessary at the moment.   Pest control so far has been spraying with soapy water to get rid of aphids on the beans.  Yesterday I found grubs in the tomato raised bed so going to have to do something about them.  Sevin dust may work, may put collars around the base of the tomato plants.

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