Saturday, October 6, 2012

Altered Book Lesson 16 - Fabric

This lesson's homework, which I am a bit late in submitting, was to create a spread using fabric in some way.  I chose to cover two pages completely with fabric, as an aside this helped with the strength of my book which is beginning to burst at the seams.  I stamped a border of berries and holly about and inch inside the outside edge.  Another border of snowflake sequined ribbon was put on the outside edge of the stamping.  I cut snowflakes out of iridescent material and added smaller glitter snowflakes to the centers of each flake.  I coloured the berries and holly leaves with felt pens and added glossy accents to the berries to make them stand out.  

Finally I stamped the words "Let It Snow" in the top corner in white ink and added glossy accents to make it stand out better.  Once again I struggled with taking photos of shining material.  Perhaps a lesson on this would help me some.

Off to look around the other altered books of my colleagues and to catch up with our student's choice lesson.  Thank you Elizabeth for a wonderful tutorial as usual detailing dying fabric and the various methods to collage the pieces onto our books.  Love the fabric beads you made, will have to try these when I have more time.


BJ said...

WOW what a super page so rich in texture and colour and everything! How did you stick it in your book then? BJ

Dawn said...

Gorgeous page Paula, amazing colours and I love the composition. I have to admit to the same thought as BJ above, how did you attach it all??
Hugs x

paulaexuk said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I stuck the material with Aleene's Original Tacky Glue by spreading it directly onto the pages with an old credit card then using a bone folder to work my way across the page with the material being very careful not to stretch the material. Hope this helps

elle said...

Wow! If this isn't the classiest page I've seen! You have done such a lovely job of combining everything and it looks perfect. :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Color me impressed once again!! Your AB is a stunning work of art. Sorry I haven't been here, but computer problems, then a storm which took out my electricity had me fighting just to get here.

I like how you used glue to adhere your fabric spread. I know I have soome Aleen's Tacky Glue, but have never given it a second thought. It's not a glue I would think to use. I'm glad you explained how you used it, too.

Those snowflakes are simply amazing. I also have lots of trouble getting good photos of anything shiny. My problem is, I need a better camera. A few lessons in shooting glitz and glimmer might help, too.

I would like permission to use your art in wrap-up homework. You would get credit, of course, since I put nothing on my blog unless I give credit where credit is due.