Monday, September 3, 2012

Spirited Peaches

The peaches and nectarines are just so sweet and juicy and cheap at the moment I decided to preserve a few.  I have a wonderful preserving book called Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving that apparently contains 400 delicious and creative recipes for today.  Well I have only tried about twelve so far but all seem to be great.  The simple recipe involved peeled, sliced, and treated to prevent browning peaches boiled in sugar water for 5 minutes then hot packed in sterilized canning jars with a tablespoon of your favorite liquor,brandy in this case.  the jars are then completely submersed in rapidly boiling water for 20 minutes.  Turn off the heat  and after 5 minutes resting in the water remove the jars.  I guess the worst part of this process is the peeling of the peaches, dip into boiling water for 60 seconds then shock in ice water, the skins come off easily but when you have a lot of peaches to skin it becomes boring.  We have a very large saucepan that we used for frying chicken and a high heat burner with gas tank so I can do all the hot work outside, also it is much faster at cooking than our gas range in the house.   I have 10 jars in total to add to my store.  
Can't wait to try them over some vanilla ice cream.

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