Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tag Tuesday - Baking

This weeks challenge is Baking, anything to do with it at all.  I chose three blueberry muffins, as I had just bought some stamps.  I painted the cardstock tag with gesso and attached a single layer of a pretty paper napkin while the gesso was still wet.  I covered the back of the tag again with gesso and used this to attach the two white sheets that I had separated from the napkin.  I tore the edges of the front napkin to fit the tag exactly and the back white sheets a little bigger so that they showed from the front like a torn edge.  I stamped the three muffins twice each and cut them out.  I cut the the top section of each one and attached it to the complete duplicate cutout.  This gave a raised area where the muffin shows from the case.  Some raised dots attach each muffin to the tag, though you can't see this from my picture.  I used glossy accents to highlight the blueberry muffins and the flowers on the background.  I made the blueberries with blobs of  dark blue stickles.  Some white and lilac ribbon threaded through an eyelet finish the tag at the top.

Thanks for popping by my blog.


Fuzzie Fingers said...

I saw your tag over on 'Tag Tuesday' and popped over to visit your blog. Your tag is great and I found your comments on using gesso as glue very interesting I will have to give that a try.

Diane said...

Thanks for posting these details. I hadn't realized the edging was showing from the back-- great idea and effect!

Gio said...

Your tag is so yummy, Paula!:-)