Monday, May 7, 2012

Altered Book Lesson 6 - Design Principles part 2

Lesson 6 is all about the design principles of rhythm or pattern, movement, repetition, contrast and dominance.
For this page I hand beaded a star with metallic green and gold beads (though you can't see the brilliance of the beads in the photo) and mounted it onto green star paper and added scroll corners.  The pattern is shown in the design of the star and repetition in the corners and diamond shaped glass beads.  I can see some movement in the irregularity of the pattern of the small stars behind the beaded stars, they seem to draw you into the page and receed behind the main element.  Dominance is also shown by the size and impact of the large star.

Sorry about the reflection of the flash camera in this photo.  I used a lovely, well used stamp of an angel with a trail of stars heat embossed in silver on a blue star patterned paper.  The trail of stars behind the angel gives it the appearance of movement through the sky.  Repetition is again shown in the corner decoration, and of course dominance in the stamped image.

For this page I chose a metallic, dark blue cardstock background and stamped and heat embossed in white powder some houses, trees and stars. The interest in the page is immediately caught by the contrast of the white on the metallic dark blue. Repetition is shown in the houses, stars and trees. Depth is indicated by the smaller houses that recede into the background with the aid of the white snow road getting smaller as it climbs the page. The only dominance I see in the page is the broad band of white at the bottom.

There has been a lot of information absorb in this lesson and lesson 5, a lot of which seems to me to overlap and have the same purpose.  Looking forward to lesson 7, thanks Elizabeth.


Sherry said...

Oh Paula, your hand beaded star looks beautiful.
You've nailed it again with those design principles I think. Love especially the last page with the houses. TFS xx

BJ said...

Lovely pages Paula, off to find your previous ones now... BJ

Dawnie Prawnie said...

Your beaded star is stunning, what a skill. Fab pages too, love the colours you have used. Hugs Dawn.

elle said...

Your pages are very graphic and quite striking. Good job!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I am sorry I was offline and didn't get to these wonderful pages until now. Your beaded star is out of this world. I was so impressed by the work you put into it.

I agree with you that a lot of the information overlaps, and many times the design principles seem to be able to take the place of others. That may be why so many books list only a few, while others list more. It's a bit of a conundrum as to which ones should be included, so I chose to include all of them. I think the elements are so much easier than the principles, especially when it comes to not just understanding, but also demonstrating them. And don't worry. Sometimes catching up is easier than you think, and sometimes we have to skip a lesson. BTW, I LOVE the houses!!

sandee said...

Yep, what Elizabeth said about the houses! Love that page, also the angel page too, and the beaded star...well, guess that means I loved them all! lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)