Wednesday, February 23, 2011

carte a Jouer #11

Firstly let me apologize for the quality of the photo, the gold ink kept on reflecting the flash. The challenge this fortnight is to use a zip to make a rosette. Funnily enough my partner had a zip fail in his jeans this week and he threw them out so I rescued the zip, ( he said that I broke it on purpose to use in the challenge). The two separate sides of the zip I then gathered with thread and closed to form the rosette and sewed beads onto the outside of the inner zip. the center is a rose that I made from silk ribbon. I made another rosette from tape with music printed on it for the base layer. The background is painted with three colours of acrylic then stamped and edged with gold ink.


caramelle said...

Bravo your card is marvelous. very very nice

amelure said...

oh! it's so pretty!!!I do love the flower inside!!!

MD said...

belle realisation MD

ISA said...

"Funnily".. hum.. Chance or not.. yes yes yes.. Paula !!! LOL Poor man ! After he will tell that it's because me ! Ttttt ! lol Ah.. dear Paula you give me smile tonight with that :-) So.. I love it of course ! What you was doing with it and the choice of colors.. i love. The gallery will be on the blog next hour, and the new challenge too. Thank youuuu, kisses, ISA

BrigitteG said...

Beaudiful card !!
(funny to read you :)... so... come on !! did you do on purpose for the zipper ?? lol !!
well at least the result is stunning !!