Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tyvek Clutch Bag

I have made this clutch bag for a very dear friend of mine who has been helping me sort out some things at my house. It is made from an express mail tyvek envelope. I covered one side with pretty paper napkin pieces using decoupage medium. The other side I covered with a cream silk to form the lining. I then stuck more pieces of napkin along the edges of the silk and wrapped them round to the front to hide the edges. I was wondering how the tyvek would stand up to sewing, I looked online and found differing opinions some said OK but some said it would act like a perforation and tear. I folded the envelope into nearly thirds and machine sewed some lengths of embroidered cream 2" ribbon onto the sides to form the gusset of the bag. I think that with the layers of napkin and the actual ribbon itself it has strengthened the seams in the tyvek enough so that it won't tear. The flap is held down by a magnetic clasp and I covered the back of the top clasp with some lace and an altered flower that matches the roses in the pattern of the napkin. I also added a length of contrasting lace ribbon as a long shoulder strap which will tuck into the bag when not used.


CAROL said...
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