Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Recycled Art Journal

I wanted to use up some papers and beads and stickers that I have bought at yard sales over the past year. So I thought that I would make this journal by recycling old brown paper sandwich bags, 5 in total, I guess this makes it a totally recycled item. The gussets are folded over and then 2 bags are glued back to back. The gussets form the smaller pages inside the book. The 5th bag is stuck to the back of the book and the gusset of this bag is used to form the small flap across the front of the book. The two large paperclips that hold the flap closed I covered with leaves. I am sure my explanation is as clear as mud. This is the video of the process that I followed (thank you angi) but there are plenty of videos on youtube on how to make a mini paperbag albums. The inside pages of mine can be seen on my flickr page at

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