Thursday, January 13, 2011

Carte a Jouer # 6 and 7

I am so far behind with my crafting work that I have missed the deadlines for these two playing cards. Still I carry on and try to catch up. The challenge #6 was Christmas and melted plastic. I tried lots of time to get a melted shape that I could use on my card. Some plastic was too thick to punch with my blunt punches, I tried embossing them first and the impressions melted away when heated with the heat gun, but finally I found a piece of oval plastic that was already 3 dimensional and when heated gave the look of a bevelled glass window. I embossed the back with white powder to give the look of snow and highlighted the raised parts of the window with silver ink. Dark blue star paper stuck on the back and the window was then mounted onto corrugated paper highlighted with rub-ons to look like striped wallpaper. A band of crochet silks was wrapped around the window to frame it and a small piece of a carol stuck underneath.

Challenge #7 was snow and a method to teach. I embossed a piece of cardstock with my cuttlebug, then painted it white with acrylic paint and then a layer of blue highlight Lumiere paint. When heated with the heat gun the paint bubbled to give the look of snow falling. Stamped and embossed snowman, letters and edging were then added.

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